Big Loop is pleased to offer an exciting Hunter Pace Summer Series

Jumping through the woods

Big Loop is a 1,700 acre private preserve. This refuge abounds with the beauty of nature, and features well-marked trails, natural jumps, water and open gallop areas. A scenic and easy ride to reach Big Loop and a scenic and interesting ride at Big Loop.

Come join us!

A Hunter Pace is like a combination of a foxhunt and a trail ride. Paces are designed to simulate a foxhunt, following a trail that a fox might take, over and around obstacles for 4 to 12 miles.
Riders in teams of two (or three if you like) will follow a well-marked course through natural wooded country at an "ideal pace". The pace is to be ridden at an "ideal" speed for the conditions on Pace day. Competitors don't know the ideal time, and therefore ride using their good judgement, knowledge of their horse's condition and sense of adventure to try and match the ideal time. Fastest is not necessarily the best. Different times are set for Novice or inexperienced riders and/or horses, and for Open or more advanced riders. The winning team is the group whose time on the course is the closest to the "ideal time". Jumps are a maximum of 4' and are optional. Take a look at the newest jumps added to the pace. Any style of riding is welcome, but boots and hard hats are required. If you decide you just want to take a leisurely trail ride, that's ok too.

Six pairs of ribbons per division will be presented for entries closest to optimum time. Points will be tracked on an individual basis for end of the year high point awards.

For more information contact:
JoAnn Squier
3171 Wesley Rd
Bloomfield, NY 14469