In memory of Chandelle High Noon GCH aka Super Cooper
Chandelle High Noon GCH
(Big Bend Doc Davis x Equinox Magnifikate)
May 20, 1998 - May 11, 2017.

Chandelle Farm lost a very special horse, when Chandelle High Noon GCH, aka Cooper, suddenly passed away. My heart is still broken, but I will forever be grateful to this wonderful stallion for taking us on adventures I never would have anticipated. He taught me, he trusted me and I trusted him. He was an athlete, and an excellent example of a true Morgan, with brains, beauty, kindness and the willing attitude we all hope for.

Home bred and trained, he brought home his first blue ribbon with his first girl, Elizabeth Squier, as a junior hunter horse. He carried me to many carriage high point championships. And after a quick introductory 'catch ride' with another favorite girl, Kristin Sackett (resulting in his first blue ribbon in dressage) this duo went on to multiple dressage championships.

He introduced a lot of people to the joy of riding a balanced horse, and while never a 'push button' guy, if you asked, he always responded.

Thank you Super Cooper. I know your mane and tail are flying.

If you are interested in solid Morgan bloodlines, breeding via frozen semen is available by private treaty only.

His get have his disposition, smooth balanced gaits, including his big trot.
Contact us if you are interested.

For more information email JoAnn at, we will be happy to supply a breeding contract, photos, registration, and videos.